About Us

❝We are a professional science-based organization advocating to establish a national sustainable food system and food security for all Israelis now and in the future❞

 There is a growing obesity trend and mounting food insecurity that co-exist in Israel. This paradox is the result of an unhealthy food environment. Despite the need for increased access to healthy food, the Israeli agricultural sector is collapsing and about a third of all food produced is wasted. Globalization, coupled with climate change, is poised to increase the burden on the global and Israeli food systems.

How can we meet these challenges now and in the future? How can we provide personal and national food security? What is the role that each sector must play in order to provide a healthy and sustainable food environment?

 The Israeli Forum for Sustainable Nutrition (IFSN) is a consumer advocate organization made up of scientists and health related professionals in the field of food. We advocate for government policies on health, nutrition and the environment that are supported by scientific evidence, not powerful industry influence. Our mission is to establish a national sustainable food system that provides food security for all Israelis and to inform the Israeli public on issues related to food and the environment.

Our Goals

We strive to establish a safe, healthy, sustainable food system for all, including:
– All Israelis having access to healthy, affordable food.
– National food policies that support public health, food security and sustainable environmental objectives.
– Transparency and ethics in the marketing and production of our food.
– Establish Israeli agriculture as a keystone player in all major solutions of providing sustainable diets and alleviating food insecurity.

Through research and counseling we aim to provide practical, objective information to the Israeli public, policy makers and other government agencies to meet the above objectives and serve as a voice for the Israeli public on issues related to food, health and environment above the interests of big business.

For more information about what we do:

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